Accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An of Khanh Binh

Accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An of Khanh Binh

  • You have just established a company in an industrial zone in Ben Luc – Long An?
  • Your company has not yet stabilized the personnel, especially the accounting department?
  • The continual recruitment and training of accountants make it difficult for you to focus on your business?
  • You want to stop all worries about accounting books, and tax finalization with tax authorities in Ben Luc – Long An?
  • Businesses need to be regularly updated with the latest information on tax policy and business situation in Ben Luc – Long An?
  • How to find a professional accounting team with an affordable service package in Ben Luc – Long An?


To help businesses clear all worries and remove barriers, Khanh Binh provides Accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An:

  • Registration of company establishment in Ben Luc – Long An

– Consulting your company on the establishment: Name, type, charter capital, business lines, etc…

– Drafting and preparing the dossier on registration of company establishment

  • Creating seal and submitting seal sample registration dossier
  • Contacting the Department of Planning and Investment to submit the dossier and get results
  • Full-service package in Ben Luc – Long An
  • Accounting and tax services
        • Holding the position of a chief accountant (if required)
        • Providing your company with assessment and legal advice after preliminary examination of previous accounting records and financial statements
        • Giving legal advice on applicable tax policies
        • Preparing VAT and CIT reports and sending to your company monthly for monitoring, checking and balancing timely
        • Reporting and consulting your company on business situation and helping your company optimize costs.
        • Preparing annual tax finalization reports, including corporate tax finalization reports and other reports as required by tax authorities
        • Preparing annual financial statements, including balance sheet, trial balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and notes to financial statements
        • Doing accounting books, cash receipt and payment vouchers
        • On behalf of your company for annual tax finalization with tax authorities and explaning data during the time Khanh Binh provides services and the service contract remains valid
        • Checking the validity and reasonableness of documents during the process of making reports, instructing your company to adjust and supplement necessary dossiers as the law prescribed
        • Consulting on formulating norms, calculating finished product prices, calculating cost of sold goods that is suitable for the business situation and tax regulations
        • Creating books and recording accounting books monthly on the accounting software of Khanh Binh
        • Printing, and keeping records of accounting books, cash receipt and payment vouchers according to the Law on Accounting
        • Preparing and submitting tax reports, notifying your company of the payable tax amount
        • Classifying and arranging records and documents for periodic archiving
  • Service of compulsory insurance declaration 
        • Declaring and submitting dossiers of entitlement to social insurance benefits for your employees
        • Other dossiers relevant to dossiers of compulsory social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance in accordance with social insurance regulations (close of books, change of personal identity, re-issuance of books, registration for change of initial medical treatment, etc.)
        • Periodically notifying employees of the amount to be paid for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and trade union fees 
        • Consulting on issues related to Vietnamese Law on Employment while exercising and applying payroll, employment contract, etc.
  • Service of personal income tax declaration 
      • Making quarterly provisional declarations and withholding PIT (income earned from the company)
      • Registering personal income tax code for new employees
      • Registering for deduction of dependents for employees (if any) 
      • Consulting on completing payroll suitable for the business operations and applicable tax laws
      • Declaring and summarizing personal income tax finalization in accordance with the tax laws
    • Service of labor-management 
      • Tracking, declaring increase, decrease, enjoying social insurance benefits, changing personal information, etc… and other procedures related to dossiers of compulsory social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance
      • Reporting increase, decrease and other dossiers procedures related to labor records of the labor department
      • Consulting on issues related to applicable Labor Law


Why your business chooses Accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An of Khanh Binh?


  • Prestige
    • A consulting lawyer with more than 25 years of work experience, specializing in the fields of accounting, finance, corporate law, currency trading
    • The Director of Khanh Binh is an expert in the field of accounting and tax
    • Khanh Binh’s accountants have excellent degrees in accounting, finance, and economic law.
    • Khanh Binh has cooperated with more than 100 domestic and foreign companies, most of which are great business partners.
  • Conscientiousness
    • Providing a variety of accounting service packages
    • All questions will be answered enthusiastically
    • Khanh Binh puts the interests of clients and customers first
  • Quickness
    • Within 2 hours, Khanh Binh’s accountants will turn up to survey and offer advice and support to clients and customers using accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An 
    • Clients and customers can ask for advice anytime, anywhere
  • Efficiency
    • Clients and customers receive constructive and practical advice and are regularly updated with new information about tax and businesses
    • Representing clients and customers to work with tax authorities in Ben Luc – Long An


How does Khanh Binh perform accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An?

  1. Going directly to the company in Ben Luc – Long An to examine the records and documents made in the previous periods. In the case of a newly established business in Ben Luc – Long An, Khanh Binh will consult your business before providing a reasonable quotation.
  2. Consulting in detail on how to make invoices, get input invoices, and help clients and customers timely amend the labor contract, and payroll suitable with the budget

Day 1 to day 5 per month: Khanh Binh comes to receive the dossiers prepared by the business:

– Output invoice + input invoice, including all invoices as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance

– Sub-book of banks, including transaction list, debit notes, credit notes, service invoices and payment order (if applicable), loan covenants (if any)

– Relevant payrolls, contracts

– Bussiness chooses one of two forms of delivery documents:

+ all are originals, or

+ all are photocopies

Day 6 to day 20 per month:

Khanh Binh processes invoices and documents to make VAT reports and gives necessary advice to ensure the legality, reasonableness, and validity of following documents or correcting the previous documents (if possible)

From day 21 onwards:

Khanh Binh makes accounting books and will report and give specific advice to minimize tax risks at the end of each month

Handling tax reports and bookkeeping


What will clients and customers get when using accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An of Khanh Binh?

  • Stabilizing accounting personnel 
  • Accounting books, vouchers, invoices, and financial statements are completed on time
  • Business records are carefully managed, avoiding the risks of information disclosure
  • Consulted by a consulting lawyer and an accounting expert
  • Keeping up on changes in tax policy and business situation
  • Khanh Binh represents your business to work with tax authorities in Ben Luc – Long An
  • Business books are effectively managed and confidentially secured. With a perfect accounting dossier, your business will have more opportunities to borrow money from banks to raise capital 


Khanh Binh commits to clients and customers who choose accounting services in Ben Luc – Long An?

  • Although in Ho Chi Minh City, Khanh Binh ensures to bring the service to clients and customers in Ben Luc – Long An as quickly as possible since being contacted because Khanh Binh has experience in serving businesses in further provinces, such as Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, etc…
  • Selecting and training qualified and experienced accountants to carry out accounting procedures
  • Dedicatedly serving clients and customers anytime, anywhere
  • Business records are strictly confidential
  • No extra unreasonable charges incurred while using the service package
  • Clients and customers are free to choose and use accounting service packages  
  • Refunding your payment if you are not entirely satisfied


With more than 16 years of accounting practice, Khanh Binh has been trusted and chosen as a boon companion by many businesses. Khanh Binh and a team of high-quality accountants with reasonable-price-accounting services will support and provide optimal solutions for your business in industrial zones in Ben Luc – Long An.


If you have any questions, please contact Khanh Binh at the information below for dedicated support and answers.


Khanh Binh sincerely thanks and wishes your business good health and success in business.



Ad: Room 21 – A6, No. 12 Ton Dan Street, Ward 13, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (028).394 11 888

Mobile: CEO Ms Phuong 090 146 7457 Lawyer Thuan 090 355 4566


Website: or


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